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'The Millionaire Money Formula'

"After 20+ years of personal growth, self-help and success training, I found myself still stumbling and fumbling along the path of Financial Freedom and Wealth. After Jason presented this ‘Simple Steps to Cash System’ to me, I know now as never before that the next steps I take will lead me to the goals I seek. This guy has cracked the code! Simple, clear, and actionable. Anyone who seeks to better their lives and/or the lives of others will find that the way has been made plain!"
Lawrence Katzman
Los Angeles, California

"Finally we can all rejoice!!! Jason Oman has unveiled the secrets to acquiring wealth and prosperity. This gentleman has created a practical five step system that will shatter conventional wisdom. Over a span of many years I have read a plethora of self-help literature, truthfully these books and tapes just left me vacillating in indecision. Yet this breakthrough system has explicitly shown me how the rich invent money, and how to generate money making ideas. Words alone can not describe the gratitude that I have for Jason; he will definitely be at the vanguard of the personal improvement industry for many years to come."
Curtis C. May
Toronto, Canada

 "Hi Jason! Fantastic Call tonight! I am not going to buy anything else for the next 90 days. The Law of Growth was the best nugget of the class. I have studied all from all of the people on the circuit: Napoleon Hill to Anthony Robbins. You have simplified the whole process to success. I think this is the answer to the questions I have been asking for years."
Therese Prentice
Chief Business and People Innovator

  "Your system is the answer to the question I've been asking... What is the element that I'm still missing to achieve Financial Freedom? I've read all the books, gone to seminars, did the suggestion but never made that breakthrough. Something was still missing from all that information. The missing element..."Stage One." I had been using different parts of the system but your class filled in the blanks that was holding me back. Anybody, no matter what their skill or educational level, can easily master your 5 steps. This program is a must for anybody who is serious about changing their future. Jason, once again you've taken that extra mile and have given hope for those who are hurting financially. Thanks for sharing your knowledge."
Ann Rusnak

"Dear Jason I would just like to say how it was a fantastic pleasure to be part of the awesomely powerful evening you conducted on Wednesday. I was determined to be on the call even though I had just finished my shift and as I am in the UK this meant a start time of 2AM.!! What you took us through yesterday was something I will never forget and now know how it really does feel to have a mind like the rich. What you have done differently is to show us exactly how to do it and not just that we can do. Regards."
Nour Ibrahim

"...your financial course was the last wealth building course I'll ever need. Many thanks again! I could feel your empathy, sincerity and enthusiasm through the phone. You truly love and believe in what you do and that was the best part of the call."
Michelle Timothy
Brooklyn, NY.

"W!O!W! Stands for: Wonderful! Outstanding! Worth every penny! which is my opinion of the seminar that I participated in this evening. I learned cash creation concepts that I will implement immediately. I look forward to taking more seminars in the near future."
Esther Y. Chambers
Personal Success Coach  

"AMAZING! from the pre-call, to the passion portrayed in voice, to the heart felt dissemination of information, to the MASTERMIND of Jason. Powerful, period. How different? "You have to pay the price for success." Heard it, known it, believed it, but, ahhhhhhhhh... the missing ingredient. The combined dollars and time spent among the participants of the call SEARCHING for the missing link. The profound yet simple nature of the missing link. THE LAW OF NATURE! Words DO NOT do it justice. May all of our thank you's come in the grasping and implementation of The 5 Steps To Cash System and ultimately in our daily actions, their accumulation and growth. Namely results of bigger, better people, with achievements and CASH to make the world a bit better for us having MADE THE DECISION to dial the first #. Jason, you are to be commended. Thank You"
In Appreciation,
Liz Binnell
Laguna Beach

"Great job Jason........its seldom that one see's any original thinking in the personal development arena these days and you have definitely hit the nail on the head with your program. If people cannot take that and use it to their benefit.....then they simply cant (read won't) do anything to help themselves....thanks for a great program regards,"
Dave Rogers

"Hey Jason, What an AWESOME, AWESOME call!! This system has brought a number of ideas I have had into CRYSTAL CLEAR focus, and has given me the KEYS to "start the engine of my success vehicle!" I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on HOW TO SUCCEED information, but not one of those programs was so EXPLICIT in showing me how to get started in reaching my goals NOW. This is MUST HAVE - MUST DO information. It will change your life forever! Let me know how I may be of service to you. You've really got me SHAKIN' and BAKIN' here "Down Under" :)
Martin Paroz

" As the General Manager of an entrepreneurial property wealth creation company
(and working with a 29 year old multi-deca millionaire), I'm always looking out
for cutting edge material that will keep me sharp and continually stretch my mind
to further possibilities. I have access to many of the best material from the "big
hitters" of personal development.
But, 'Millionaire Money Formula' was something different again...
I was attracted by the huge knowledge base Jason has accumulated - much like
Napolean Hill did - but in the "here and now"!
The "norm-shattering" principles he outlines are such that you really need to
read them at least three times to start to "get it".
They're certainly not the usual old stuff re-hashed.
'Millionaire Money Formula' teaches you (amongst many other things) how to
actually see these opportunities which are floating all around you anyway!!
This material is a major "opportunity wake-up call!"
If you're even questioning whether to make this purchase or not - you've already
got totally the wrong psychology if you want to get wealthy - you need it even more!!"

Peter Cutforth
General Manager
Superior Wealth Creation
Brisbane Australia

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